Digital factory Scale Solutions offers a wide selection of loadcells from Richter Scale, the official Sole Agent for Zemic Loadcells in South Africa.

Single Point Cells

FEATURES 1.Aluminum-alloy, 2.IP65 single point load cell, 3.Colorless anodized, 4.Suitable for small platform scales like pricing scales, weighing only scales, etc, 5.Recommended platform size: 250x350mm, 6.Similar to – 1022, MP40. It has CAPACITY RANGE 3kg – 50kg

Tension Cells

FEATURES 1.Alloy Steel IP67 S-Type Load cell, 2.Nickel-plated, 3.Tension or compression application, 4.Suitable for hanging scales, 5.Mechanical conversions scales, 6.Hopper scales & other electronic weighing devices, 7.Similar to – 614, 615, LT400, LT450, SUB. It has CAPACITY RANGE 25kg – 30Ton

Junction Boxs

FEATURES 1.Cast Aluminum, 2.Plastic Sprayed, 3.IP65, 4.Easy to assemble and calibrate, 5.High reliability, 6.Fully encapsulated, 7.Water proof and moisture proof, 8.Operating temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Bellowed Cells

FEATURES 1.Stainless Steel IP68 Belowed Load Cell, 2. Hermetically-sealed, 3.Suitable for electronic weighing equipment like belt scales, hopper scales, etc, 4.Similar to – 355, Z6F, SHB, MP47, LT880, SB2, HBS. It has CAPACITY RANGE 10kg – 500kg

Double Shear Beam Cells

FEATURES 1.Alloy Steel, 2.Nickel-plated, 3.Welding-sealed, 4.Suitable for vehicle scales, 5.Track scales & other electronic weighing devices, 6.Similar to – LUC, QS. It has CAPACITY RANGE 10Ton – 50Ton

Compression Cells

FEATURES 1.Capacity option: 3ton or 5ton, 2.Alloy steel construction, 3.Loadcell and mounting complete for easy tank mount installation, 4.Cable length 3m, 5.Safe overload: 150%, 6.Ultra low profile: 70mm high including the base plate, 7.Anti turn over, 8.Includes an earth strap, 9.Similar to – ULP, LT200, RULP.m It has CAPACITY RANGE 500kg – 50Ton


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